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So much for fiscally responsible

I was elected four times to the Wisconsin State Senate from the eight counties of northwestern Wisconsin as a Republican. The Republican Party used to be the political party for people who were concerned about fiscal responsibility.

I guess the Republican Party I belonged to no longer exists.

Let's see if I got this straight:

After the 2010 Census, Republican politicians in Madison spent $2.1 million of taxpayer money for attorneys to draw up legislative district maps that all but guaranteed their continued majorities in the Legislature and for a subsequent lawsuit.

Recently, a three-judge federal panel declared Wisconsin's legislative maps unconstitutional and ordered the Republican-held Legislature to draw up new maps.

Now, the Republican Attorney General of Wisconsin is appealing the lower court decision to the United States Supreme Court.

Republicans in the Legislature gave their leaders the power to hire attorneys at taxpayer expense — one of whom reportedly charges $1,300 per hour — to defend the Republican drawn maps before the United States Supreme Court.

Is this fiscal responsibility? Why should us taxpayers —Republican, Democrat or Independent — have to pay high-priced attorneys to defend legislative maps that have been declared unconstitutional?