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Vote for a grown up

Much has been written about Donald Trump being unqualified and unfit to be president. A delegate to the Republican convention said he didn't have the "experience, temperament or judgment" for the job. Now we know he doesn't have the maturity either.

His campaign has been a series of offensive statements about immigrants, Muslims, women and his opponents. Now we know he brags about harassing women. We have had philanderers in the past but they didn't brag about it.

We don't need a leader who engages in "locker room banter." We don't need wild statements about stopping opponents with "Second Amendment" tactics. We don't need an egotistical celebrity who speaks without thinking of the consequences. His candidacy is an embarrassment to the country.

His business experience shows lack of judgment. Rather than an example of success, it indicates risky, speculative behavior. He used excessive debt for ventures that frequently failed, leaving other people with the costs.

Being president isn't like being a tycoon. It isn't a reality TV show. Vote for Hillary Clinton. Despite her flaws, she is the candidate with adult behavior.