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Take care of your furry friends

Summer will be ending soon, so you need to prepare your dogs for the changing weather. There is still some warm weather ahead, so make sure they have plenty of water and shelter. If they have a heavy fur coat, do not leave them out too long, because they can get heat stroke too. Make sure the space for your dog is big enough. If you have more than one dog in a kennel, you need to have enough room for dog houses for each one, plus run around room, water for all plus cover on top. They are part of your family so take care of them. If they could talk they would tell you what to do, but we can't understand them, so please do the right thing.

When the cold weather and snow gets here, make sure you take them out as often as possible because most of them can't be left in a kennel for a day or even a few hours. At the most 15 minutes to a half an hour is what I do depending on how cold it is with my two. They go out, do their business and come back in. Always clean their paws. Remove snow and ice balls that can form between the pads and in the paw fur. Also dry their fur coat.

Take care of them and clean up after them, especially when in a kennel. Treat them like your own children.

When your dogs are outside always keep them either on a leash or chained up. You think you know what your dog is thinking; it will not escape from you in your yard untied, but if they see another critter, off they go. Your voice won't mean a thing to them. They have two things on their mind — what they saw and need to catch it.

They are our family, so please do what the law says so you don't lose them.

They might not like being on a chain or in a kennel, but you give them attention while on that, they won't be mad. Also give them some love and attention outside so they know you are their friend. I am sorry this is so long, but this topic is very important to me and I don't want anything to happen to our four-legged friends.