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Public record

Douglas County Circuit Court

Sept. 5

Fallon Christina Milinkovich, 33, Duluth, manufacture/deliver heroin amended to possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance on or near a jail, no contest plea, three years in prison and three years of extended supervision, stayed, three years of probation, six months jail, $201 fine; bail jumping, no contest plea, six months jail, consecutive; possession of drug paraphernalia, dismissed.

Mark David Nasi, 33, 1426 E. Seventh St., disorderly conduct, no contest plea, $201 fine; fraud on taxicab operator, resisting or obstructing an officer, additional count disorderly conduct, dismissed.

Todd Allen Peterson, 44, 1117 Cumming Ave., domestic battery, guilty plea, 45 days jail, stayed, one year of probation, five days jail, $443 court costs; bail jumping, domestic disorderly conduct, dismissed.

William Duane Seacotte, 49, 1215 Lincoln St., vehicle operator resisting or failing to stop, no contest plea, 30 days jail, Huber work release, $516 fine and court costs.

Glen Michael Sims, 40, Duluth, criminal trespass to dwelling, no contest plea, one day in jail, $485 fine and court costs.

Joshua John Wilding, 30, Duluth, theft, guilty plea, 30 days jail, $443 court costs.

Sept. 12

Christian Lawrence Grimaldi, 19, 2014 Baxter Ave., criminal damage to property, deferred judgment of conviction successfully completed, dismissed.

Sept. 13

Eugene Pedashov, 37, West Des Moines, Iowa, operating commercial motor vehicle without a license amended to operating without carrying license, no contest plea, $150 fine.

Sept. 14

David Michael Edquist, 41, Foxboro, theft, dismissed.

Kayla Star Gengler, 26, Duluth, retail theft, guilty plea, eight days jail, $589 fine and court costs; three additional counts retail theft, bail jumping, dismissed.

Ahkiem Antonio Wainwright Gow, 25, Minneapolis, Minn., deliver amphetamine, guilty plea, two years of probation, five days jail, $704 fine and court costs; bail jumping, dismissed.

Dexter Thomas Leddy, 23, 5366 E. Valley Brook Road, theft of movable property special facts, no contest plea, 18 months in prison, 30 months extended supervision, stayed, three years of probation, eight months jail, $5,427 restitution and court costs; burglary, criminal damage to property, eight additional counts theft of movable property special facts, dismissed.