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Let's get back on track

As a sportsman and patriot, I support the Second Amendment and responsibly exercise my right. Economically, I am conservative and only invest my time and money in things that I know will have a return on investment. Socially, I am libertarian, so I believe one should let people live their own lives. As long as it does not cause harm, it is fine by me. I am also conservative in my environmental politics. I do not leave anything behind in the woods or the environment that would leave it less pristine than I found it.

I love to hunt and I genuinely enjoy spending time in the wilderness. I practice medicine and trust in good science and I have to say, I am alarmed by climate destabilization and the denial of human involvement in accelerating it.

The concept of political ideology promotes a myth that politics are complicated. At times, it can be confusing because we have artificial lines indicating the list of "political must-believes" if you identify with either party.

We are dangerously divided as a country. If you let go of the party ideology, what are we actually divided about?

I know I am against elite corporate wealth and the politics where they can write their own rules. President Obama, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Gov. Scott Walker are all influenced or bought by it. Trump is a wealthy elite who is special interest. I think Mike McCabe has something better to offer Wisconsin than the Trump-Walker juggernaut of special corporate interests — "Principle over Party" is his campaign slogan. The world is upside down, let's cleanly break from it and get Wisconsin back on track with equal opportunity for prosperity for all who are willing to work hard.