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Recognize these people? Photo offers clues in search for owner of camera found in Lake Superior

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Lisa Kaczke

Forum News Service

Two Harbors photographer Christian Dalbec is attempting to reunite a camera found on the bottom of Lake Superior with its owner.

It's unknown how long the Canon Powershot point-and-shoot camera had been sitting on the lake floor, but the three photos on the camera are dated July 2, 2006.

In two photos, four people smile at the camera while standing along the ledge above the Apostle Islands' mainland sea caves. Dalbec found the camera in the lake's depths below the ledge seen in the photos.

Although the camera is pretty much dead at this point, Dalbec said he can send the owner the two SD cards that were in the camera. One of the cards had three photos on it and the other was empty of photos.

"Maybe they've lost one of their friends, I don't know. That could be something that they might cherish," Dalbec said Friday.

Since Dalbec posted the camera's three photos on Facebook on Thursday, the photos have been shared 300 times in the hope that someone will see themselves in the images. Commenters questioned if they could try to piece together the camera owner's trip based on the photos, or wondered about the possibility of using the camera's metadata to search photo websites such as Flickr to find a match. Neither suggestion has led to the owner.

Dalbec said no one has identified themselves yet as the camera owner or a person in the photos. Anyone with information can contact him via Facebook, he said.

Dalbec noted that the 2006 date on the photos may be wrong if the owner didn't program the camera, but the camera's 4-megapixel resolution is dated technology.

"It kinda looks like it's from that era. It's amazing that the lake would hold something that long, but those SD cards are pretty indestructible these days," Dalbec said.

Dalbec and a friend were scuba diving around the sea caves on Wednesday when they came across the camera on the lake bottom.

"There's probably a lot more stuff down there. Along with it, I found a drone and about 10 pairs of sunglasses, a paddle. It's kinda nice to clean it up, actually," he said.