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Public record

Douglas County Circuit Court

July 6

Aaron Matthew Johnson, 18, 1319 Elm Ave., possession of a dangerous weapon by a person younger than 18, deferred judgment of conviction completed, amended to disorderly conduct, $268 fine.

July 7

Frank Raymond Bixler, 55, 4917 Bay Drive, second offense in three years of operating without a license amended to an ordinance violation no valid driver's license, no contest plea, $182 fine.

Dakota Cole Berggren, 20, Poplar, theft amended to shoplifting, no contest plea, $1,000 restitution, $115 court costs.

Anthony James Hammond, 27, 1320 Fisher Ave., delivery of methamphetamine, no contest plea, two years of probation, random urinalysis, $969 fine and court costs; additional count delivery of methamphetamine, dismissed but read in for sentencing.

Steven Alexander Fine, 38, 1512 Baxter Ave., disorderly conduct, no contest plea, one year of probation, $443 court costs; domestic disorderly conduct, dismissed but read in for sentencing.

Travis Alan Kirschbaum, 32, 4524 E. Neuman Road W., domestic battery, domestic strangulation amended to battery, no contest pleas, two years of probation, 60 days jail, Huber work release, no contact with victim, $679 fine and court costs; domestic disorderly conduct, domestic strangulation, dismissed.

Michael Alan Dalton, 40, 712 Winter St., theft, dismissed.

Christopher Craig Hughes, 33, 205 24th Ave. E., disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia, guilty pleas, three days jail, $516 fine and court costs.

Raymond William Koivisto, 19, Maple, party to burglary arming self with a dangerous weapon, guilty plea, deferred judgment of conviction; two counts party to theft, guilty pleas, four years of probation, eight months jail, pay portion of $4,984 restitution, $1,016 fine and court costs; bail jumping, dismissed but read in for sentencing.