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Trump's 'brilliant' plan for a wall

Now as I understand it, Donald Trump wishes to construct a wall approximately 1,500 miles long on the border between Mexico and the U.S. This wall would probably have to be 50 feet high to prevent others from climbing over using commercially available 40-foot extension ladders. This wall would need to have a deep foundation with below grade barriers reaching 30 feet or more beneath the foundation to prevent tunneling. If this wall were constructed of reinforced concrete, a single foot of wall length could weigh 50 tons depending on the wall design. The entire length of this proposed wall could weigh 365 million tons or more.

It is possible that Mexico may be paid to provide labor and materials to build this wall, fulfilling Mr. Trump's statement "Mexico would build the wall." Possible future extensions of this wall (as seem to be necessary) may be constructed along the shoreline from Texas to South Carolina. This could also include a similar wall between Canada and the U.S. to protect that border, which was also mentioned by Mr. Trump.

The successful use of these walls over time may be replicated in many other countries to secure their borders. This is simply brilliant. Why didn't we think of that?