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WITC, Northland College agree on transfer credits

Graduates of Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College’s business management, accounting and accounting assistant programs will now be able to transfer into Northland College. Credits earned toward general studies courses at WITC will also seamlessly transfer into Northland College.

The new articulation agreement between WITC and Northland College takes effect in the fall.

One facet of the agreement will facilitate the seamless transfer of credits earned through WITC’s business management, accounting and accounting assistant programs into Northland College’s Bachelor of Science in business management. Another facet will allow WITC students to transfer general study credits directly to Northland College, regardless of the degree the student is pursuing.

"This collaboration provides opportunities for students to save money while still receiving an exceptionally high-quality education that expands their job opportunities in the future," said Ted May, WITC academic dean, general studies. "With these transfer agreements, a student can graduate from WITC and either move directly into a Bachelor of Science program or return to school at a later date to complete a bachelor’s degree at Northland College while they are working in the industry."

The business programs continue to be a popular program for both WITC and Northland College, and a successful choice for graduates. WITC’s 2014-2015 Graduate Result Survey showed 100 percent employment for business management, accounting and accounting assistant graduates. WITC graduates can increase their value, skills, knowledge and salary in the workplace by continuing their education to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

"The business industry is a competitive marketplace, and one of the important distinguishing qualities for job applicants is the bachelor’s degree," said Leslie Alldritt, Northland College’s vice president of academic affairs and dean of the college.

WITC graduates who thrive on hands-on learning and smaller class sizes will find a similar learning environment at Northland College.

"The quality of instruction and personal attention at both WITC and Northland College make this partnership work," said Alldritt. "We think this partnership makes sense for local and regional prospective students to consider."

WITC students have the option to live in Northland College’s dorms and utilize meal plans available, but perhaps the largest benefit of this agreement is an overall lower tuition cost to students.

"At Northland College, we work very hard with students and their families to make college affordable," Alldritt said. "This transfer agreement allows students to start at WITC and complete their baccalaureate degree at Northland College, providing a more affordable education."

WITC students can complete general studies courses or obtain an Associate of Arts or Science degree; these credits will transfer into Northland College without concern that credits will not be counted toward their four-year degree.

To apply to WITC, complete the easy three-step process at The application to Northland College is free, and once admitted, transfer students must meet the degree requirements as stated in the catalog in effect at the time of admission to Northland College.

For business program inquiries, contact Stephanie Erdmann, WITC division dean, business, at or 715.234.7082 ext. 5682. For general studies inquiries, contact May at or 715-682-4591 ext. 3252. For Northland College inquiries, contact Alldritt at or 715-682-1226.