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The Superior Central High School class of 1950 its 66-year reunion Aug. 4 at Barker’s Island restaurant. Social hour begins at noon. If you plan on attending, call Lois Lundberg at 715- 634-4998 for registration.

Superior Central High School class of 1951 is having lunch at the Vintage Italian Pizza at noon Aug. 9. For information, call John Robinson at 715-394-9405.

The East High School class of 1956 are planning its 60-year class reunion for the weekend of July 28, 29, 30. July 28 events include a golf outing at Norwood Golf Course and socializing in the evening at Dodgies at 6 p.m. The class will have a dinner at Dreamland Supper Club on July 29 and a picnic in Billings Park is planned for July 30. All friends of the class are invited to visit at Dodgies on Thursday evening.

The 1960 class of Superior East High School holds its yearly reunion starting at 5 p.m. Aug. 3 at the Shamrock. There will be a pizza buffet and the fee is payable at the door. If you are attending and have not responded yet, call Jane Prochazka at 715-392-6239.

Superior Senior High School class of 1971 holds its 45-year class reunion July 29 at Ace’s on 29th Street. The reunion committee is trying to find Cynthia Acker, Thomas Allen, Linda Anderson, Claudia Arola, Alice Asher, David Barnard, Thomas Bogan, Gail Carlson, Barb Coppins, Kathleen Cronin, Amy Daily, Crystal Erickson, Patricia Fredrickson, Alice Golden, Linda Graham, Mary Graskey, Susan Gullo, Charles Hall, Rodney Hill, Kimberly Holst, Jeff Hope, Harvey Johnson, Richard Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Dennis Kastberg, Rob Kinsey, Barbara Larson, James Larson, Kathy Lonnstrom, Marilyn Maki, Carol Mattila, Debbie McConnell, Catherine Millicent, Juliann Nagorski Coddington, Cynthia Nelson, Cynthia Nord, David Nord, Linda Norman, Mary Nourala Hansen, June Pendergast, Mary Plachta, Kathleen Podgorak, George Powell, Delbert Ramey, Terrance Saed, Dianne Sarkiaho, Donna Schmidt, James Six, Judy Six, Kathy Smith Hellenbrand, Karen Steinbrenner, Nancy Stolz and Michelle Thatcher Brown. Call Mark Steffan at 715-919-6411, Frank Dumonsau at 715-394-2090 or email if you have information.