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Why not make an ‘after bucket list’

Pastor Mark

The movie "The Bucket List" depicted the adventures of two terminally-ill cancer patients who set out to fulfill a list of events they wanted to experience before they kicked the bucket (died). The movie has made "bucket lists" a common phrase and popular activity today.

I can understand why people would pursue the things they would like to experience before they kick the bucket, but why not consider the things we want to experience after we kick the bucket? Why expend our energies and income to achieve what is experienced and lost, when we could go after the things that will last forever? Death would no longer be the ending of our opportunities, but rather the open door through which we can begin our eternal desires.

As I thought about this, I made up my own "After Bucket List."

1. To be raised from the dead and given a perfect body.

2. To look at God in His fullness without fear of destruction.

3. To experience relationships of perfect love.

4. To live without temptation or sin.

5. To be without pain or disease.

6. To no longer be limited by my fallen nature.

7. To no longer see suffering.

8. To be able to completely understand truth.

9. To converse with Jesus.

10. To begin God’s plan for me in a perfect environment.

11. To participate in the greatest and longest worship experience ever.

So what is on your "After Bucket List?"

Pastor Mark Holmes is an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church and has served the Darrow Road Wesleyan Church since 1997.