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Bills written by northern legislators signed into law

Superior Telegram

Gov. Scott Walker signed two bills into law written by three legislators from the north.

Rep. Nick Milroy, D-South Range, and Sen. Terry Moulton, R-Chippewa Falls, wrote the bill that became Act 131 with the governor’s signature Thursday; the new law allows hunters to trade their blaze orange for blaze pink.

“Safety was our first consideration,” Milroy said.

Prior to introducing the bill, Milroy turned to a University of Wisconsin Madison ecology professor, Majid Sarmadi.

Sarmadi conducted experiments revealing that to the human eye, blaze pink is just as visible, or more visible, than blaze orange. Existing research concluded that blaze pink is actually more difficult for deer to see than blaze orange, meaning that blaze pink could give hunters an advantage in terms of camouflage.

“This bill is simply about giving hunters the option to wear blaze pink hunting gear, which has been available to purchase but not yet legal for hunting use,” Milroy said. “Retailers and manufacturers recognized this untapped market and began promoting pink merchandise, including everything from clothing to weapons. Allowing the legal use of blaze pink will add an additional option for hunters.”

Also signed into law Thursday was a bill written by Rep. Beth Meyers, D-Bayfield, and Sen. Janet Bewley, D-Delta, that authorizes village powers to enact and enforce local shoreland zoning ordinances to the town of LaPointe on Madeline Island in Lake Superior.