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NOTICE TO ELECTORS OF THE CITY OF SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following Initial Resolution has been adopted at the meeting of the Common Council of the City of Superior, Wisconsin, held on June 3, 2014: RESOLUTION NO. R14-13181 INITIAL RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN RELATING TO THE ISSUANCE OF GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $2,845,000 FOR THE STREET IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin, borrow an amount not to exceed $2,845,000 by issuing its general obligation bonds pursuant to Chapter 67, Wisconsin Statutes, for the public purpose of financing the City's street improvement program for 2014, including but not limited to, improvements for the East 5th Street Project, the 23rd Avenue East Project, the Bong Bridge Project and general street projects (the "Projects"). Wisconsin Statutes, Section 67.05(7)(b), provides that the Initial Resolution need not be submitted to the electors unless, within 30 days after adoption and recording of the Initial Resolution, a petition conforming to the requirements of Section 8.40 is filed in the City Clerk's office requesting a referendum. This petition must be signed by electors numbering at least 10% of the votes cast for governor in the City at the last general election. Dated: June 3, 2014. BY ORDER OF THE COMMON COUNCIL /s/ Terri Kalan, City Clerk S.T. June 13, 2014 #18858 wnaxlp