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Walker says prosecutor’s statement helps ‘set record straight’ regarding allegations

Shamane Mills, Wisconsin Public Radio

Gov. Scott Walker asserted on Thursday that a statement released by a John Doe prosecutor, which says no final determination has been made as to whether Walker and his campaign illegally coordinated fundraising among conservative groups, is a step toward setting the record straight.

Documents released in a secret investigation used the phrase “criminal scheme” in outlining possible illegal campaign activity during the recall elections of 2011 and 2012. The phrase was widely reported and was used in an ad by Mary Burke, the governor's Democratic opponent in the race for governor.

Special Prosecutor Francis Schmitz put out a statement through his attorney. In it, he says the term did not indicate guilt of any person or group; rather, it was a legal argument justifying the need to pursue the investigation.

When Walker was asked by a reporter if he felt exonerated, Walker declined to use that term.

“I'll let others use that word,” said Walker. “I just think it’s one more step toward setting record straight.”

Walker continues to point out that two judges have declined to let the case go forward.

His campaign has demanded that Burke take ads off the air that refer to a criminal scheme. Burke said the ads will remain on the air.

“I just think I'm not going to let Scott Walker get away with misleading the people of Wisconsin, whether it’s the investigation or whether it’s our standing in job performance under Governor Walker,” said Burke. “The latest numbers show we are last, dead last, in the Midwest.”

No one has been charged in the probe. Prosecutors are appealing a decision halting the investigation.

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