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Walker maintains that partisan politics motivated John Doe probe

Rich Kremer, Wisconsin Public Radio

Gov. Scott Walker is standing by his statement that politics are motivating an investigation into whether his campaign illegally coordinated with outside fundraising groups.

On Friday, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz rejected Walker’s claim, saying that he swore an oath when he agreed to lead the investigation. Schmitz said he is only interested in upholding Wisconsin’s election laws.

While the Walker didn’t mention Schmitz's comments, he reiterated that politics were involved.

“The DA’s office in Milwaukee County, led by a Democrat, full of partisans, have been and continue to be the driving force in this,” said Walker. “So, that’s precisely why they did it. They were at this for years before anybody else was involved.”

Walker said that people need to remember that two judges have ruled that his campaign didn't break any laws. He also said the John Doe investigation is over, as he’s confident the federal ruling halting prosecutors will be upheld.