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Cold roads for Thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving travelers should plan for cold roads and plenty of traffic, say emergency officials.

Many people across the state will be packing up their cars and hitting the road today or early on Thanksgiving Day. The AAA says Wednesday is traditionally the busiest travel day of the Thanksgiving holiday, rivaled perhaps by Sunday, which coincides with the end of the state's nine-day gun deer hunt.

Tod Pritchard of Wisconsin Emergency Management says that road conditions are looking pretty good across Wisconsin for the holiday, but it will be cold. He says that's something travelers should plan for. "This is always a good time to think about, 'Well, it is kind of the holiday season and we're going to be doing a lot of holiday travel for Thanksgiving, for Christmas,'" Pritchard said. "It is good to make sure that your car is ready to go and that you're prepared for any crisis that you may hit on the road."

Pritchard says before travelers take off, they should take a little extra time to make sure they have an emergency kit in the car. "Some real basic things to help you survive in case you get stuck in a ditch or you're in an accident: like a blanket, or a sleeping bag, a flashlight, first aid kit, booster cables, a shovel, some food, some water."

The National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures in the 20s for much of the state. Road conditions around Wisconsin can be found at