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Asian carp DNA sample found in Sturgeon Bay

A DNA sample from an Asian carp has been found in the waters of Sturgeon Bay.

State officials are still assessing what to make of it, and whether a carp is actually swimming there.

The Department of Natural Resources says it was recently told that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found one DNA sample of silver carp near Sturgeon Bay. DNR fisheries management director Mike Staggs says it was one of many water samples.

"There were, for example, 50 samples from sturgeon bay," says Staggs. "That was part of 282 taken from all of Lake Michigan in 2013. This is the only one that has come back positive."

However, Staggs says the carp DNA finding is significant because it's the first in Wisconsin waters, after a few findings in Lake Michigan near Chicago. He says state and federal officials are setting up more water testing.

Staggs says the testing will help determine whether Asian carp might actually be near Sturgeon Bay, or whether the DNA was brought in by a sport fishing boat, a migrating waterfowl, bait shipped in from elsewhere, or some other source. He says there's no suggestion that Asian carp are reproducing in Wisconsin's Great Lakes waters.