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Superior Police find man believed to be involved in home invasion

A man Superior Police investigators were seeking in conjunction with a possible home invasion burglary has been found.

On Monday, afternoon, investigators were in contact with Sean Sanigar at a Duluth hospital after he had contact with the Duluth Police Department over the weekend, according to a news release by Sgt. Derrick Hughes with the Superior Police Department.

Authorities had been looking for Sanigar following an incident last week in Superior when he allegedly tried to gain access to an acquaintance’s residence after being declined that access. An argument ensued and threats made.  Sanigar was shot at by the homeowner but investigators have since learned that he was not injured in that incident, the release stated. He was at the hospital for unrelated medical reasons, according to the release.

Sanigar is cooperating with the investigation and further interviews and follow up will commence once he is released from the medical facility.