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Mayor issues open letter to Superior residents

On behalf of the Superior Common Council and City staff, we offer you, the citizens of Superior, our heartfelt thanks for your patience and support during this recent long, cold winter.

With 16 snow events totaling 120 inches of snow and a record-breaking numbers of days below zero, we understand that getting out and about wherever you needed to be was a challenge.

Slippery streets and sidewalks, alleys clogged with snow and mountains of snow in intersections were difficult to navigate. Noisy snow removal operations night and day were frequent this past winter. And yet, you persevered with us through it all.

We appreciated the reports of dangerous conditions so we could address them; and also the kind remarks you offered to our valiant public works crews as they sometimes struggled, but always managed to get the job done.

Thanks once again Superior for your resilience, flexibility and courage in the face of one of the worse winters on record.


Bruce C. Hagen