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Police issue parking warnings

Superior Telegram

Threading a car down some city streets can be tricky on a Sunday. In some cases, it can be impossible.

So this weekend, the Superior Police Department is making an effort to alleviate the problem.

More and more frequently, people are moving their cars for calendar parking outside the four-hour window allowed by city ordinance. To remind residents of the appropriate time for those parking moves is 4-8 p.m., police will be issuing warning tickets to people who move their vehicles earlier or later than the four-hour time frame, said Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse.

“We’re going to cite cars that are blocking the road and have them removed,” LaGesse said. But the primary objective of the enforcement effort is to remind the public that the proper time to move a vehicle to be in compliance with calendar parking laws is 4-8 p.m. Sunday.

“We’ve received a lot of complaints, particularly in residential areas,” LaGesse said. The problem has been particularly bad this winter as snowbanks narrow city streets, making it difficult to weave an ordinary vehicle down the street when cars are parked on both sides, he said. Many times, when vehicles are parked directly across from one another, driving through the area can be impossible.

That task — difficult for people driving ordinary vehicles — becomes impossible for larger emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, that cannot snake through the often narrow spaces, LaGesse said.