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Council adopts interim animal agreement with HSDC

Superior’s animal shelter comes under new management starting May 1.

The way the shelter will operate is going to change however.

The Superior City Council on Wednesday approved an interim with the Humane Society of Douglas County to operate the city-owned shelter on Hill Avenue as a stray hold facility to allow pet owners a chance to recover lost animals. After seven days, the mandatory period for holding animals, those animals that remain unclaimed would be transferred to the humane society’s shelter at 3302 S. Humane Society Road in South Range to be placed for adoption.

Animals that have to be surrendered by Superior residents will have to surrender that at the facility in South Range.

Only under desperate circumstances will the humane society accept surrendered pets at the Hill Avenue shelter, said Marcy Barby, Humane Society of Douglas County treasurer. She said plans for operating the facility on Hill Avenue include having the shelter open — possibly from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 3-6 p.m. to give pet owners the opportunity to reclaim pets before and after work hours.

Councilor Mick MacKenzie, a longtime advocate for a new shelter in Superior, thanked the animal care organization that serves rural Douglas County for stepping up to care for Superior’s animals too. While MacKenzie is stepping down from the council after Wednesday night’s meeting, after deciding not to run for re-election, he will continue to serve on a committee working on the design for Superior’s soon-to-be constructed animal shelter between Bear Creek Park and Moccasin Mike Road.

Under the terms of the agreement adopted Wednesday night, the city will pay the Humane Society of Douglas County $88,000 for the eight-month interim management agreement. The first $44,000 is payable when the organization takes over management of Superior’s animal care on May 1. The second installment is due Sept. 1. The city also maintains responsibility for utilities and major repairs of the Hill Avenue facility.

In exchange, HSDC will provide all necessary care for stray animals dropped off at the facility, provide well-publicized hours of operation so pet owners can reclaim strays and maintain records for animals put up for adoption.

While the agreement approved Tuesday night is an eight-month interim agreement to care for the animals after Animal Allies contract with the city ends, Barby said HSDC anticipates operating the newly constructed animal shelter in the city once it is built.