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Water main break causes street collapse

Orange cones and snow fencing ring a hole in Butler Avenue at the intersection with North 20th Street on Friday. A water main break washed away the material under the street Wednesday, leading to the collapse. Work is expected to take place this week to repair the water and sewer lines as well as the street. (Maria Lockwood)

Superior Telegram

A water main break is the cause of a nearly 15-foot-deep hole in Butler Avenue near the intersection with North 20th Street. Neighbors said that section of street had buckled, leaving a depression about three feet wide and 10 inches deep. Cracking was evident on the surface of the depression. A backhoe was brought in, and with one tap, the section collapsed, according to neighbors.

The force of the water from the break damaged the combined sewer in the area, according to Todd Janigo, assistant public works director. The blast of water washed material down the sewer, creating a void under the street. A similar water main break damaged a section of East Second Street by Culver’s Restaurant earlier this year.

“If there’s a depression in the road and it’s alligator cracking or spider web cracking, that would be something to call us about and we can investigate,” Janigo said.

City and Superior Water, Light and Power crews will work together to fix the water main and sewer in the area, then repair the street. It should take a couple of days for the repair, Janigo said, depending on the weather.