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Couple sentenced for staging robbery at Superior store

A South Range man and his girlfriend have each been sentenced to five days in jail and one year of probation for staging a robbery at a Superior convenience store.

Kyle James Krivinchuk, 22, pleaded no contest in Douglas County Circuit Court on Jan. 17 to a charge of theft as a party to a crime. Tara Shannon Evert-Mize, 20, of Superior pleaded guilty to one count of theft by use of a dangerous weapon.

Krivinchuk was sentenced to one year of probation and five days jail with Huber work release. He was ordered to pay $175 in restitution, $414 in fines and court costs, and to undergo a chemical dependency evaluation. A charge of obstructing an officer was dismissed.

Evert-Mize was sentenced to one year of probation and five days jail with Huber work release. She was ordered to get personal counseling, pay $719 in restitution, and $389 in fines and court costs. If she successfully completes probation, Evert-Mize could have the conviction expunged.

According to the criminal complaints, Krivinchuk was working as a store clerk at the Little Store at 2104 Tower Ave. the evening of Sept. 27 when it was reported that a suspect robbed the store at knifepoint. He had not made his money drops the entire shift and did not trigger the hold-up alarm when the robbery took place, leading to about $1,544 being stolen. Photos taken by the store's video cameras showed that the robber looked similar to Krivinchuk's girlfriend, Evert-Mize, who had been in the store earlier that evening.

When confronted by Superior Police Detective Jack Curphy, Krivinchuk said that while his girlfriend was in the store that night, they started to joke about robbing the store. Evert-Mize got more serious about doing it, then left. When she returned and came up to the counter with a knife, he knew who she was and why she was there, so he went along with the staged robbery.

Evert-Mize told Curphy the robbery was her idea. She said she left the store, changed her pants and shoes, took off her glasses and returned with the knife. She said Krivinchuk played along, waving his hands in the air. Evert-Mize told Curphy she knew she made a mistake and was truly sorry.

The couple returned about $544 of the stolen cash right away. It was hidden in a box at a friend's apartment a block away from the store.