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Police officer put on desk duty during investigation

Superior Telegram

The Superior Police officer who arrested Natasha Nashai Lancour in the parking lot of the Keyport Lounge Jan. 5 has been taken off patrol and put on administrative duty, according to a statement released Friday by Superior Police Chief Charles LaGesse. The incident involving Lancour and Officer George Gothner is being reviewed by an outside use of force instructor to provide an unbiased opinion on whether the force used by Gothner was appropriate, LaGesse said.

The police department is seeking to identify witnesses who saw the incident, which occurred just after 5 p.m. Anyone who was a witness or can provide names of people who were present are asked to contact the agency by calling 715-395-7450. Lancour’s attorney, Rick Gondik, is also seeking video that may have been taken by witnesses during the event. He can be reached at 715-395-3180.

Lancour, 28, faces a felony charge of battery of a peace officer as well as a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge stemming from the Jan. 5 incident. She remains free on a $1,500 signature bond. Her next court appearance is set for Friday. If convicted of the felony, Lancour would face a maximum penalty of six years imprisonment and up to a $10,000 fine. She would also lose her right to vote and possess firearms. According to the criminal complaint, Gothner is also requesting $85 restitution to pay for a new pair of pants. His uniform pants were torn on the right leg while he was struggling with Lancour on the ground.

Although Gothner has been placed on administrative capacity pending the outcome of the investigation, LaGesse said that the assignment is not a disciplinary measure. No finding of a violation of police or law has been determined, he stressed.