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Petroleum smell stems from work to remove water from Enbridge tanks

Residents living along eastern Superior may be experiencing odors of petroleum after this week's flooding.

According to Enbridge Energy spokeswoman Becky Haase, the odors stem from continuing efforts to remove water from the roofs of tanks at the Superior terminal following this week's storm.

Air monitoring is in place and there has been no dangerous levels detected but the air does carry the smell of the petroleum, she said.

Crews are working around the clock, to pump water off the tank roofs, and the company is hopeful to finish the work in coming days.

Other than the water issue of on the tanks, Enbridge experienced no other problems and the pipelines continued to operate normally during the storm and flooding, Haase said. Rushing water experienced during this week's storms can cause "scouring" or abrasions to the pipeline that can cause leaks, but that hasn't been the case, she said.

If residents do see an area where a leak has developed or have some other issue with the pipeline, Haase said they should call the company's 24-hour emergency number at (800) 858-5253