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Telegram photographer reveals his Christmas list

Mike Granlund, left, talks with Terry Hendrick as the duo calls a Northwestern Tiger football game this season in Maple. (Jed Carlson/

With only a one day before Christmas, I hope you didn't forget about your favorite Superior Telegram photographer. If I did slip your mind here is my Christmas list for our area. Of course, I would certainly take a new Nikon and 70-200 mm F2.8 lens.

New lights for Ole Haugsrud Field. I talked to a person from a magazine somewhere in Wisconsin who informed me that Superior was nominated for the worst football field in the state, mostly because of the lighting. I've been spoiled by the great lights at Northwestern's field, and I would love to get that light in Superior.

An additional 3 feet of space along the baseline in the Solon Springs gym. The space is so tight on the baseline that most referees don't like me standing there. And if a player is trying to inbound the ball, moving is a must.

New unsmudgeable glass for Wessman Arena, SAHA and above the basketball court at Northwestern High School. I'm not even sure if this actually exists, but maybe someone could come up with some. During games I can't reach through the glass to clean the other side, but unsmudgeable glass would stay clean and easy to shoot through all game long.

Bleachers for the pep band at the Northwestern football games. I enjoy the pep band, but I'd like it to be closer to the field, maybe somewhere closer to the cheerleaders?

Local rivalries to be restored. No Solon Springs/Northwood basketball games this year? Really? More Northwestern/Superior games would be great too.

A local Holiday hoops tourney. Hold it at UWS, feature Superior and Northwestern, include Northwood or Solon Springs and invite another team for both boys and girls. Day one, four games. Then day two, third place games and championship games. Not only would it be an all-day basketball treat, but alumni of all the schools would have a centralized spot to meet and visit with friends and family.

New uniforms for teams that have had the same ones for more than four years. Look good, feel good, play good.

New HD cameras for iFan. Imagine Don Leighton and Pat Flynn in high def. OK, scratch this one off my list.

Sound dampening foam to line the ceiling in the SHS pool. The swimmers are great athletes and they get very fired up at meets. In turn, the more fired up they get, the louder the screeching becomes.

Free Tuesdays for kids fourth grade and younger. It doesn't have to be Tuesdays, but one day a week all sporting are free for kids fourth grade and younger. My thought is it might encourage kids to try different sports if they get exposure to them at a younger age.

A new SHS weightroom and fieldhouse. I helped out with the Spartan girls basketball team's preseason conditioning this fall, and I saw how tight things get when more than one team tries to get into the gym at the same time.

Mike Granlund and Terry Hendrick get into the Wisconsin Football Hall of Fame. And I don't mean as visitors. The duo has worked many years as the voice of the Tigers, and I think they are true hall-of-famers of the community at Northwestern. Can you imagine listening to a Tiger football game without them making the call?

A super broadcaster alliance. Sticking with the radio theme, I would like to bring UWS hockey's Jon Garver and CSS baseball's Joe Wicklund together and form a power alliance to cover all Spartan sports on the radio.

Fan clubs to be reborn. I ran the "Freak Show" at my high school in Willmar, Minn., from 1994-96. We would attend the girls basketball games on nights we didn't have our own games. Our mission was simple -- create atmosphere. The games in Willmar were usually quiet, so we wanted to bring a college feel into the gym. I would set up the theme for each night. Pajama night, Halloween in March, Freestyle night (where there was no themes) and even a dress night. One kid actually wore an old wedding dress. We had special cheers for different situations (free throws, 3-pointers, etc.) We even came into the gym with our own run-in music. When I was even younger, we had a group of high school students that called themselves the "Rat Pack." They dressed as hippies for every game. I remember how much fun those students had, and I wanted to bring that to the high school when I was there.

I've seen the great turnouts at volleyball, football, basketball and, of course, hockey games in Superior this season. Flags have been flying, Y's, M's, C's and A's have been thrown up during time outs, and face paint has been applied, but now I'm looking for more. More cheers, more costumes, more creativity.

So there you have it, my list. I realize most of these won't fit into a stocking, but that camera and lens kit would fit nicely under my tree.

So if you see Santa, Dave Minor, or even Don Leighton give them my list. And have a happy and safe holiday season. I'm on vacation next week, so see you next year.

Jed Carlson is the Superior Telegram photographer. Call him at (715) 395-5024 or e-mail