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Class of 1957 reunion

The 1957 graduating class of St. Croix High School, Solon Springs, held its first class reunion July 30 at the White Birch Supper Club. Also included were classmates whom had attended the class at sometime over the years, with the exception of five persons who could not attend and three who could not be located. The alumni were busy with hugs, somewhat overwhelmed with seeing their old friends and classmates, some not for 53 years.

Of special recognition was the location and attendance of Marjorie Rusch who had been the music teacher for the class of 57. Because 1957 was her first teaching position in her career as a teacher, a special bond and closeness grew from being "our" teacher and much reminiscing, comparing of notes, and laughter took place. The group retreated and continued at the Bird Sanctuary to visit at leisure and have more room to laugh and mingle.

The class reunion tied in with the All School Reunion which had been left to each individual class to plan their own event with the school as a whole mingling July 31. Student came from all directions and the alumni agreed it was a huge success and are plotting how we can make this reunion a yearly event, as we have too many years to wait for the next ten-year reunion. Six students had passed on over the years and their absence was acknowledged with a determination our "school assignment" for the next reunion will be to locate our three alumni we could not locate. The class of 57 agreed a great time was had by all and the only negative comment was that we waited 53 years to get together.