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Charges dropped against Superior man accused of trespassing on own land

The charges against Jeremy Engelking, a 27-year-old Superior man who challenged Enbridge Energy Partners' right to push a pipeline through his property, have been dismissed.

During a pretrial hearing Monday, Engelking learned that Assistant Douglas County District Attorney Lance Nelsen no longer intends to pursue a disorderly conduct charge against him. A previous charge of trespassing on a construction site was dropped in March.

Engelking's case made national news in December, when he was arrested and charged for trespassing on his own property. Engelking confronted a crew laying pipe across his land, saying that they did not have authority to be there.

He wound up in handcuffs and a jail cell.

Nelsen could not be reached for comment late Monday afternoon.

"It's sad it had to go this far," Engelking said. "They should have realized they didn't have a case right away."

Engelking said he had been offered a plea agreement but remained intent on taking the case to trial. He still doesn't know how much his legal bills will total.

Now that the criminal charges against him have been dismissed, Engelking said he may well file civil suits against Douglas County and Enbridge.