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Weekend reveals no new clues to missing teen

Sylvester McCurry was last seen leaving Stargate Nightclub in Superior on Jan. 17. Police say that the Duluth East senior was intoxicated that night. Although the Superior and Duluth police have searched the St. Louis River, the harbor and piers, Superior Police Capt. Chad La Lor put out the request for help during the weekend fishing opener.

Unfortunately, La Lor says, the weekend didn't turn up anything new.

"One of the angles we have looked at is whether he may have attempted to walk over to Duluth. There's no walkway on the Blatnik Bridge and we have had people either walk or try to walk from Superior to Duluth or vice versa across the bay. And unfortunately during that time of the year, there were spots in the ice that were very thin where it would be easy for a person to break through the ice and not come back up. You know, January time frame the water is very cold."

Duluth Police Information Officer Brad Wick says no leads have come to Duluth police over the weekend either. La Lor says the Superior police are also telling people to double check their properties.

"We asked the people that own property, own houses, or warehouses, or abandoned businesses or what have you, in the North End of Superior to once again take a look in those buildings just to make sure that something wasn't missed the first time that they were checked."

La Lor says McCurry was last seen wearing striped polo shirt, blue jeans, Nike shoes and a gray fleece sweatshirt. McCurry is a light skinned black male with short curly brown hair. He is 5-foot-10.