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Student faces possible sanctions

Investigations into an alleged sexual assault last month are finished and the alleged perpetrator could face disciplinary action from the university.

It's unclear if there will be prosecution.

UWS' Investigative Officer Tammy Fanning would not comment on the case reported to the Superior Police Department on March 5. The assault allegedly occurred in Ostrander Hall early March 4.

Fanning says she doesn't have to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" like the District Attorney's Office.

"When a sexual assault is actually reported, sometimes the D.A. does not hear those cases depending upon the type of evidence that he or she can present in court," Fanning says. "So, although it may not be followed through in the court system, a student could still go through the disciplinary proceedings here on campus."

Fanning says she speaks with all students involved before forming an opinion. Fanning follows Chapter 17, a state statute that about disciplining students for violating nonacademic policies. That ranges from reading a book, writing a paper to suspension or expulsion.

"We may place a sanction on them that would keep them from the victim," Fanning says. Other sanctions could include measures up to expulsion.

Fanning says she may also have an alleged perpetrator attend a campus event to educate the student on the effects of sexual assault. UWS will hold several events on campus in April to honor Sexual Assault Awareness month.