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Birkie skiers set record times in Saturday's race

Italian skier Fabio Santus broke the 50K Birkie skate course record with a time of 1:56:58.6 in the 37the annual American Birkebeiner held Saturday.

Rebecca Dussault, the returning champion, defended her title by winning the women's skate division with a time of 2:18:18.1.

Santus of Milano, Italy, was skiing his first Birkie

"I am very, very happy," he said. "It was a great track with very good people."

Tad Elliot of Durango, Colo., skied to a second-place finish in 1:57:06.7 followed by Christopher Cook of Rhinelander with a third-place time of 1:58:41.

First time Birkie skiers Tazlina Mannix and Brooke Gosling battled for their positions, with Mannix of Anchorage, Alaska, capturing the second-place finish in 2:18:49.2 and Gosling of Canmore, Alberta, taking third in 2:18:57.

Course records were set for both the men and women in the Birkie classic races. The 54K classic men's champion was Juergen Uhl of South Burlington, Vt., with a time of 2:28:39.4. Audrey Weber of St. Louis Park, Minn., captured the women's title in 2:51:34.

Second place in the men's classic went to Jesse Smith of Traverse City, Mich., with a time of 2:32:30.7, and in third place was Shawn Miller of Duluth in 2:33:16.3.

Hilary Patzer of St. Paul, Minn repeated her second place finish from 2009, finishing in 2:53:07.4, and Kerrie Fabius from Thunder Bay, Ontario, skied in her first Birkie to finish third in 2:53:31.3.

Temperatures hovered just below 0 degrees at the start, then climbed as 21 waves of skiers left the starting gates.

Ned Zuelsdorff, Executive Director of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, said skiers from 19 foreign nations, including Andora, Estonia and Russia, and 47 U.S. states, including Hawaii, North Carolina and Alaska, skied in the 37th anniversary event. More than 8,000 skiers competed in the Birkie, the largest field in race history.

Kortelopet results

Scott Johanik of Washburn and Dana Roach of Minocqua skied to victory in the 23-kilometer Kortelopet skate race.

Johanik finished the Kortelopet skate race in 57:18, and Roach finished in 1:06:50.7.

Placing second in the men's skate division was Adam Loomis of Eau Claire, finishing in 57:25, and Jeff Cook, Rhinelander placed third in 57:48.1.

Placing second in the women's skate division was Eleanor Magnuson of Champlin, Minn., in 1:08:25.9. Summer Ellefson of Park Rapids, Minn., placed third in 1:08:29.5.

In the 23-kilometer Kortelopet classic division, Jake Brown of St. Paul, Minn., placed first in the men's classic division in 1:05:10.7; Wyatt Behrends, from Hastings, Minn., placed second in 1:05:27.9; and Mark Hugus of Wausau, Wis., placed third with a time of 1:05:37.1.

In the women's classic Kortelopet division, Kelly Skillicorn of Winona, Minn., took top honors in 1:11:32.2; Anne Hart of Stillwater, Minn., placed second with a time of 1:15:16.1; and Nora Gilbertson of Lake Elmo, Minn., placed third with a time of 1:15:31.

Local Birkie Results

Local results

Overall Standings

Birkebeiner Skate

268. Borg Isaksen, Brule, WI USA, 2:26:57.2; 469. Jason Evans, Lake Nebagamon, WI USA, 2:36:55.1; 640. Randy S. Back, Superior, 2:42:49.5; 660. Gregg Tischler, Superior, 2:43:43.2; 789. Jon J. Jurek, Lake Nebagamon, WI USA, 2:48:15.9; 791. Cordell H. Manz, Brule, WI USA, 2:48:21.5; 828. Jonathan S. Lindberg, Lake Nebagamon, WI USA, 2:49:14.3; 836. Mark Herrmann, Lake Nebagamon, WI USA, 2:49:33.7; 1521. Joel A. Tinker, Superior, 3:11:04.2; 1660. Brock J. Larson, Maple, WI USA, 3:15:58.6; 1771. John W. Johnson, Superior, 3:19:10.9; 1884. Logan A. Newman, Superior, 3:22:50.1; 1936. Michael J. Buran, Iron River, WI USA, 3:24:46.1; 2122. Jeffrey T. Larson, Maple, WI USA, 3:31:42.6; 2123. Robert M. Sarvela, Lake Nebagamon, WI USA, 3:31:45.8; 2427. Spencer A. Newman, Superior, 3:43:40.2; 2478. Bernard J. Winter, Brule, WI USA, 3:46:25.0; 2519. Julie K Newman, Superior, 3:47:57.4; 2844. Marty J. Tabor, Superior, 4:04:29.0; 2878. James L. Cirilli, Superior, 4:06:57.6; 2948. Catherine B. Miller, Brule, WI USA, 4:12:30.3; 3046. Pamela M. Sarvela, Lake Nebagamon, WI USA, 4:20:14.9; 3111. Steven G. Willis, Superior, 4:25:52.8; 3405. Peter D. Nordgren, Lake Nebagamon, WI USA, 5:03:09.3; 3456. Andrew T. Einspanier, Iron River, WI USA, 5:11:03.2; 3586. Barbara Romstad, Solon Springs, WI USA, 6:02:29.2; 3589. Allen R. Anway, Superior, 6:06:49.4; 3592. Bob J. St. Arnold, South Range, WI USA, 6:09:47.4; DNF. David W. Kroll, Superior, NA; DNF. Phoebe L. Miron, Superior, NA.

Birkebeiner Classic

143. Mark S. Howard, Superior, 3:16:51.0; 535. Kevin D. MacKie, Brule, 4:22:40.8; 826. Scott Toshner, Gordon, 5:06:49.8; 880. Peter F. Gamache, Solon Springs, 5:16:24.8; 1080. William J. Howard, Superior, 5:50:42.8; 1190. Gene G. Karwoski, Superior, 6:17:43.4; 1295. Jeff Levenhagen, Superior, 6:51:00.6; DNF. Peter C. Freiburger, Iron River, NA.

Kortelopet Classic

69. Scott E. Hanson, Superior, 1:30:28.1; 147. Gregory E. St Onge, Brule, 1:46:32.3; 164. Gervase M. Thompson, Brule, 1:49:03.8; 286. Louise M. Beyea, Superior, 2:04:28.8; 420. George Delegan, South Range, 2:20:55.1; 433. Julie Tersteeg, South Range, 2:23:13.8; 699. Dawn Karlon, Superior, 2:53:53.4; 755. William D. Gustafson, Superior, 3:02:33.6; DNF. Katie A. Hanson, Superior, NA; DNF. Daniel R. Mattson, Maple, NA.

Kortelopet Skate

352. Michael W. Moretto, Superior, 1:29:21.8; 409. Gary R. Rutledge, Maple, 1:32:12.3; 500. Brent Campbell, Iron River, 1:37:19.6; 553. Janna M. Radtke, Superior, 1:39:43.5; 622. Ronald K. Scott, Superior, 1:42:50.4; 680. Jon C. Stephenson, Superior, 1:45:13.0; 777. Lori A. Mattson, Maple, 1:49:52.0; 968. Timothy L. Burke, Superior, 2:02:25.2; 972. Robert A. Cragin, Superior, 2:02:42.7; 1009. Jim E. Kari, Superior, 2:06:37.8; 1078. Anne Howard, Superior, 2:15:16.4; 1219. Carey L. Edwards, Iron River, 2:46:29.3; 1241. Bea C. Laakkonen, Solon Springs, 3:17:15.6; DNF. Nate W. Grayson, Poplar, NA.

Prince Haakon 12k

220. Hally M. Sharrow, Superior, 1:57:40.2; 221. Maurice M. Sharrow, Superior, 1:57:41.2; 247. Jennifer A. St. Arnold, South Range, 2:36:55.2.