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UWS bookstore changes management

The University of Wisconsin-Superior Bookstore is under new management.

The bookstore is now operated by Neebo, Inc., a holding company and beneficial owner of Nebraska Book Company, Inc., an industry leader in solutions for the college store marketplace.

The company also serves 13 freshman-sophomore UW Colleges in the UW System.

“We are very excited to work with an innovative leader in this industry as we try and keep textbook costs to a minimum for our students,” said Faith Hensrud, provost at UWS. “We recognize the marketplace is always changing, and we want to offer the best options available to our students, faculty and staff, parents and alumni. We are committed to serving our student’s academic needs and this partnership will ensure that we will do that for many more years to come.”

Gwen Clancy, senior vice president of college stores at Neebo, said the company is focused on helping the campus store be competitive in the textbooks business.

“In today’s market, there are so many options on where students can purchase their books,” she said. “College bookstores need to step up with an effective strategy to win over guests with service and solutions that are in sync with students’ rising expectations.”

Clancy said for nearly 100 years Neebo has served campus communities across the United States. They now own or operate hundreds of stores nationally.

“We (Neebo) can think of no greater opportunity than to serve University of Wisconsin-Superior and its students, a pursuit that inspires us both as a college store management company and as people,” Clancy said. Neebo’s structure and services include:

• Rentable Books: Any textbook that is available for purchase will also be available to rent through the new system.

• Best Price Promise. If a customer finds a textbook for less than the UW-Superior Bookstore price, the customer can buy the book for 10 percent less than the price at the competing store.

• Focus on guest service. All team members will participate in intensive guest-service training.

• Convenient E-Commerce Platform. Guests can choose their favorite way to purchase textbooks and merchandise — in the store or online.

• Competitive Prices: The store will offer the brands guests want at a variety of competitive price levels. There is something for everyone.

• Scholarship Program: An annual textbook scholarship program for UW-Superior students will be offered.