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School district announces no alcohol at Green Bay tailgate party

The Superior school district announced Wednesday that it is reversing plans to serve alcohol at the upcoming Green Bay Packers’ Tailgate Tour.

Superior superintendent Janna Stevens said the district chose to reconsider its decision to serve alcohol after the Packers expressed concerns.

“I don’t know what negative press they received, but we certainly don’t want to do anything that would negatively impact the organization helping us with this fundraiser,” Stevens said.

Aaron Popkey, director of public affairs for the Packers, said the organization had heard from a number of citizens who were concerned about the school district’s one-day waiver to its drug and alcohol policy.

“We received some phone calls from residents who wanted to make sure we were aware of their opinions on the event,” Popkey said.

The decision on whether to serve alcohol at the Tailgate Tour event is left to the local hosts, said Popkey, and the Packers support whatever decision is made.

“Every event is unique to itself, and we’re excited to be back in the Superior area,” Popkey said.

The Tailgate Tour is scheduled to make a stop in Superior on April 17. Tickets to the event cost $30 and may be purchased at Screen Graphics, 1327 Banks Ave. The Tailgate Tour event is being held in conjunction with the groundbreaking for the NBC Spartan Sports Complex at Superior High School.