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Café offers atmosphere

Chelsea Norkol, left and Chloe Swanson discuss Spanish homework at the Superior High School on Thursday Night Cafe last week. Every Thursday, half of the cafeteria is transformed into a coffee house where students can study, socialize and share their talents. (Maria Lockwood)

Low light, flickering candles and an array of treats transform the Superior High School cafeteria into a café every Thursday after school. “I think it’s a really good environment to study in,” said junior Chelsea Norkol. “It’s nice to be social, too.” Last week, freshman Chloe Swanson dropped by for a cappuccino and a brownie as she worked on Spanish homework. “It’s a nice place to relax and get things done,” Swanson said. Although it was her first visit, the freshman said she’d like to come again. Shortly before Thanksgiving, the high school opened the Thursday Night Café. “The reason we’re doing this is we want a safe place for the kids to come with some ambiance,” said Betty Nordrum, a cook manager with the district. “We want them to be able to come and relax.” And be safe, added cook manager Gerri Anderson. The café features treats from local businesses like Pizza Hut, Red Mug and Big Apple Bagels as well as drinks and chips. Students can purchase items with their lunch account numbers or cash. Regardless of whether they purchase a snack, all students are encouraged to soak up the atmosphere. “The intent is to really create a positive place for students and a place where they can socialize, a place where they can eat and also a place where they can do some homework certainly with the internet available,” said Principal Kent Bergum. The inititive, brought forward by the food service department, continues to build on the positive relationships at the high school, Bergum said. Open from 3:05 until 8 p.m. each Thursday, each week brings a new event. Last week, the café served up more than 50 free hot dogs. Movie nights, free popcorn, a stage for students to share their talent and weekly karaoke are just some of the events planned for future weeks. The school library is open for students after school weekdays, but the café offers an alternative with a different flair, Buchanan said.  “I love the general ambiance and just the idea of it,” junior BreeAnna Poshek said. “It’s sort of like a coffee shop and you always see college students studying in coffee shops, so it’s a nice setup,” Norkol said. The treats are pretty inexpensive, she said, and studying at the café keeps her from spending so much time on her cell phone because she’s visiting with friends. Whether they have a talent to share or homework to do, Nordrum and Anderson hope students will swing by after school to check out the new café.