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Board waives and strengthens drug policy

The Superior School Board voted last week to move forward with plans to suspend the school district’s drug-free workplace policy for one day in April to allow Superior High School to host the Green Bay Packer Tailgate Tour.

The Tailgate Tour coincides with the groundbreaking ceremony for the school’s new outdoor sports complex, and beer will be served at the event.

“I’ve had some phone calls about it,” said Len Albrecht, president of the School Board. “People are concerned about smoking and hard liquor.

“The smoking is still going to be not allowed, and there’s no hard liquor.”

The one-day policy waiver is set for April 17, which is a staff development day for the district.

“If there were school that day it would be a much different situation,” Albrecht said. “But there’s no school that day; no kids are in school. That helped the decision.”

The Board passed the one-day waiver by a 5-0 vote. Board members Jon Asp and Christina Kintop were not present.

James Farkas, general manager of Northern Engineering in Superior, spoke against the waiver. He said the School Board was sending an inconsistent message by allowing the consumption of alcohol on school grounds.

“Alcohol and education are not compatible. You know that,” Farkas said. “The major concern I have is, what message are we really sending to students?”

Board member Mary Klun acknowledged those concerns. The Board discussed the waiver at length, she said, before coming to a decision.

“I’ve been on this Board, it’s pushing 20 years, and this is the only exception we’ve had,” Klun said.

She added that measures will be in place to prevent underage drinking.

Liquor licensing for the event will be handled by the Chamber of Commerce.

Miller only

When the school district met with representatives from the Packers to plan the April Tailgate Tour, one stipulation was that only Miller products would be served at the event.

“Miller is one of their major sponsors, so that is the expectation,” said Superior Superintendent Janna Stevens.

If the school district wishes to host the Tailgate Tour, it must abide by the policy, she said.

“Any complaints would have to be addressed to the Green Bay Packers,” Stevens said.

Other news

The School Board also voted on Tuesday to strengthen its policy on tobacco use on school grounds.

The new language “pretty much limits everything,” Albrecht said.

On the list of products banned are e-cigarettes, hookah products, cigarettes, cigars; and all smokeless, dissolvable or inhaled tobacco products.

The policy applies to all staff members, students and visitors during and after school hours.