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Kentucky man faces charges for SUV found off Connors Point

A 2017 GMC Yukon was found Friday in the Howard's Pocket area off Connors Point. A Kentucky man is facing charges in Douglas County in connection with the incident. (Maria Lockwood /

Charges are pending against a Louisville, Ky., man, 38, after an SUV was recovered from the waters of Howards Pocket near Connors Point.

First responders were called to Conner’s Point at 8:24 a.m. Friday when a fisherman reported a vehicle in the water.

Superior Fire Department personnel entered the water and found nobody in the vehicle.

Lakeside Towing responded and pulled the vehicle to shore.

Aside from being a little wet, no damage was noted on the black 2017 GMC Yukon except for the top rear and tailgate. A large concrete boulder was found against the accelerator pedal.

According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office:

Deputies located a bill of lading in the vehicle indicating it was to be transported from Manheim Detroit Auto Auction in Carleton, Mich., to Luther Family Buick GMC in Fargo N.D. by Zanev Inc. of Louisville, KY. Deputies contacted Zanev, which provided information on the transport drivers. The owner indicated that the driver reported to him that the Yukon and other vehicles were dropped off at Manheim Northstar in Shakopee, Minn., and provided pictures the driver sent him. The photos show the Blue Volvo Tractor trailer and car trailer loaded with several vehicles, including the Yukon. Manheim Northstar stated they never received the Yukon.

The sheriff’s office contacted Luther Family Buick GMC in Fargo, which confirmed being the owner of the Yukon and that they had contracted with Zanev Inc. to transport the vehicle from Carleton, Mich., to Shakopee, Minn., and there was no previous damage to the vehicle.

Surveillance video was obtained from a location on Connors Point that shows the damaged Yukon stopped on Main Street at 7:56 a.m. just off the pier where it was discovered. The driver could be seen wearing a red shirt. At 8 a.m., and again at 8:11 a.m., the same blue Volvo tractor-trailer combo, now with no load, is seen driving by the same location.

Contact was made with the driver, Anthony Bowles, who told deputies he dropped of all the vehicles including the Yukon between 1:30 and 2 a.m. in Shakopee. He stated he was there for about 45 minutes and left for Caledonia, Wis., making only one stop in Oakdale, Wis. Bowles denied ever being in Superior. When confronted about the video evidence, Bowles suddenly remembered they went to Duluth to pick up a truck and got lost on some dead-end road. He chalked it up to coincidence that it was the same road where the Yukon they were hauling was recovered.

Deputies made it clear that Bowles’ story was unbelievable and would be referring a case to the DA’s Office.

Shortly thereafter, deputies received a call from the other driver Jason Porter, also 38 and from Louisville, Ky. Porter told deputies he got pictures from his boss on what happened to the Yukon and wanted no part of it. He told deputies that he was away from Bowles now and would tell them what happened. Porter stated Bowles was driving somewhere in Michigan and hit a bridge or something, and did not report this. When they got to Shakopee, Bowles told Porter that they needed to bring the Yukon to a different auction in Duluth. When they got to Duluth, Bowles told Porter he would drive the Yukon to the auction and told Porter where to pick him up.

Porter stated he drove to the location and Bowles walked up and got into the truck. Porter stated he didn’t know what happened until he got the photo from his boss. Porter told Bowles that he needed to tell the police the truth. Bowles told Porter he was going to get a rental car and go home.

Deputies requested the Wisconsin State Patrol respond to Manheim Milwaukee in Caledonia to gather further information on the truck and drivers. As troopers arrived on scene, Bowles fled on foot but was apprehended after a short foot chase. He was wearing a red shirt at the time.

Porter did not flee and was cooperative with troopers.

Bowles was arrested on an obstructing charge. A temporary felony warrant was entered by Douglas County to hold Bowles on pending Douglas County charges.

Bowles is being held in the Racine County Jail.