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Maple mom gets probation for kids’ truancy

A Maple woman whose teenage children missed more than 45 days of school during the last school year will spend a year on probation.

Tammi-Jo Asamoah-Asano, 38, pleaded no contest last week in Douglas County Circuit Court to two counts of contributing to truancy. In addition to the probation, she must attend weekly meetings with school staff at their discretion and undergo a mental health evaluation.

A 30-day jail sentence was imposed and stayed. The jail sentence would be triggered if Asamoah-Asano does not meet the terms of probation.

According to the criminal complaint:

Asamoah-Asano’s teen children missed nearly 10 full weeks of school in the Maple School District in 2013-2014.

Asamoah-Asano told Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Gallagher that she had health issues and it was nice to have the kids home all day helping her around the house. She said the two kids didn’t want to go to school and were failing classes anyway, so it was easier to just keep them home.

The family considered starting online courses, but they don’t have a computer.

When questioned, Asamoah-Asano acknowledged getting several warnings and citations for truancy in the mail.