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ESD hosts variety of environmental events

Wendy Grethen

Earth Day was this week. With over 70 percent of the earth’s surface being water, we could also bring up celebrating and appreciating water on earth.

In Superior, we have beautiful Lake Superior on one side, the St. Louis River bordering another side and several streams running through the town.

As a storm water educator, I also remind people that with 3,000-plus storm drain inlets in Superior we have openings to the lake throughout town. What we put on land can head right out to the local waterways. Litter, pet waste, lawn fertilizers, leaking motor oil, as well as grass clippings can enter a drain and go untreated out to a river or the lake.

Here at Environmental Services Division of Public Works for the City of Superior have put together some learning opportunities for you. One is Rex, the regional storm water protection team mascot dog, will be visiting the Superior Public Library and a few more locations on the afternoon of Friday, April 25. Rex will be out reminding pet owners that this last week of April is National Scoop the Poop Week. Rex will be giving away some items including pet-waste bag caddies shaped like a bone to the public on his rounds on Friday. Say hello if you see him.

Coming up at 6 p.m. Tuesday will be a “Let’s Talk Lawns” program at the Superior Public Library meeting room. Speakers present on organic green lawn care, improving soil in your yard, and keeping your yard clean to improve local water quality. There will be prizes including WLSSD’s Garden Green compost, native plant seed paper, and other items.

Tours of the Superior Wastewater Treatment Plant can be set up for those interested in learning how wastewater is cleaned before releasing it into the Superior Bay.

All the fifth graders in town are coming for tours in May and June — that’s over 300 youth. We welcome them to get to know this important process.

Be on the lookout for six local artists selected to paint their art beside storm drains in Superior in May. The selected storm drains are distributed around town.

There will be an art show in June at the Superior Council for Arts gallery in the Red Mug Building. Environmental Services invites you to share your word creations for the WaterWords poetry and short prose contest open to all ages and residents of Superior. The deadline is May 22.

More information on these events and opportunities can be found at or call 715-394-0392.

Wendy Grethen is a research assistant with Superior Environmental Services Division.