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Paint fumes cause minor explosion

Superior Telegram

Fumes from painting caused a minor explosion in a home basement Thursday night.

The town of Superior Volunteer Fire Department responded the call at about 9 p.m. Thursday. A man who lived in the home was using a solvent on the basement floor when the explosion occurred, according to Fire Chief Darryl Fiegle. He suffered minor injuries but refused treatment. According to information from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the man’s hair was singed, and his face and eyes were slightly pink from the explosion. The other occupant of the home was not injured. Damage to the home was minor.

Town of Superior firefighters were on the scene for about 45 minutes checking the home for damage, but the occupants were able to stay in the residence.

“We want to remind folks that when using flammable or combustible liquids in doors to have adequate ventilation of fumes and isolate any sources of ignition and also follow the manufacturer’s guidelines of the products used,” Fiegle said.