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Attorney seeks DOJ investigation into police actions during arrest

Mike Simonson

Wisconsin Public Radio

The lawyer of the Superior woman charged with assaulting a police officer has filed a discovery to see the results of the Department of Justice’s investigation into a Superior police officer’s actions in that case.

The Department of Justice performed an investigation into the force used by Superior Police Officer George Gothner. He is seen on the police squad’s dash cam striking Natasha Lancour with a closed fist twice. Lancour is being charged with a misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Lancour and her attorney Rick Gondik will be in court on Wednesday making efforts to speed up the trial, and to get the results of the DOJ’s investigation.

“I had filed a motion seeking the results of the investigation that was performed by the Department of Justice. It is also about scheduling Tasha’s case for trial. I had filed a motion for a speedy trial.”

The trial is set for April 25. Gondik says he would like the trial sooner now that the investigation by the DOJ is complete.

“This has obviously been a life altering event for Tasha and this is hanging over her head like a storm cloud. She would like to put it behind her as soon as she possibly can.”

Gondik says it is going to be difficult to get the records.

“Normally when there is an investigation ongoing you’re not entitled to the records.”

However, Gondik says this case is unique.

“Normally you don’t have somebody who is charged with a crime at the same time. My position is we have a case pending, we’ll have a trial date, and I need this discovery.”

As for Lancour, Gondik says, she is staying strong.

Gothner is on paid administrative leave until the case is resolved.