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Constable faces no charges for ‘wrong’ conduct

No criminal charges will be filed against a Solon Springs constable accused of sexual assault. Now, the question of whether he returns to the beat rests with town and village officials.

The accusations surfaced in June and were made public in July.

According to District Attorney Dan Blank’s summary of the investigation reports, the alleged victim was found apparently intoxicated and/or high on drugs at about 10:30 p.m. June 15 walking on U.S. Highway 53 in Solon Springs. She said she was walking to Brainerd, Minn. Olson offered to drive her to a convenience store in Superior. He first took her to his house/office to use the phone. She agreed to go with him because he is a cop.

The alleged victim is a 27-year-old woman who had been living in rural Douglas County. She reported she was picked up by Olson when he found her walking on U.S. Highway 53 in the Solon Springs area at 10:30 p.m. June 15.

Olson was driving a marked Solon Springs police vehicle and was on duty at that time.

She told police Olson offered to drive her to Superior so she could use a phone to arrange a ride to a relative’s home in northern Minnesota. Instead, she said, Olson drove her to his home in Solon Springs and offered her alcohol.

The woman told police the constable made unwanted sexual advances and contact while she was there.

She stated Olson dropped her off at the St. Croix Inn in Solon Springs just before 2 a.m. June 16.

The alleged victim also had access to his phone and used it for many calls, but never called 911 or complained of being assaulted or needing help, according to Blank’s summary.

Monday, Blank said he had completed his review of the case.

“The conduct as alleged is just plain wrong given Mr. Olson’s law enforcement position,” he wrote in an email statement. The victim should not have been placed in that situation, Blank said, but there will be no prosecution.

“Appropriate consequences, if any, will not be determined in criminal court,” the district attorney said. “There will be no criminal charges against Mr. Olson; case closed.”

Olson is the constable for the town and village of Solon Springs. Both communities placed him on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

“Now that the criminal investigation is complete, the village and town will complete its internal employment investigation,” said attorney Mindy Dale, who represents both boards. “Once that investigation is complete, the village and town will evaluate its options.”

Olson also was placed on unpaid leave from his part-time position as a bailiff with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

“We have no intentions of hiring him back,” Sheriff Tom Dalbec said.

Calls to Olson were not returned by press time.