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Man sentenced for passing fake $20s at Kool-Aid stand, rummage sale

A Duluth man will spend one year on probation and five days in jail for passing counterfeit $20 bills in June, one of them at a Kool-Aid stand in Lake Nebagamon.

Steven Alan Wakefield, 47, pleaded no contest in Douglas County Circuit Court last week to two amended charges of misdemeanor theft. He also was ordered to pay $20 restitution to each of the victims as well as court costs.

A 120-day jail sentence was imposed and stayed. If Wakefield does not follow the terms of his probation, he would be ordered to serve that time.

According to the criminal complaint:

Wakefield used two counterfeit $20 bills to purchase a $1 and a $2 item at a rummage sale in Superior on June 18. The next day, he used a fake $20 bill to purchase a glass of Kool-Aid and get change at a child's Kool-Aid stand in Lake Nebagamon. One of the counterfeit $20s from the rummage sale had the same serial number as the one passed in Lake Nebagamon.

Descriptions the victims provided of Wakefield's tattoos and the vehicle he was driving helped authorities identify the Duluth man. The rummage sale victim positively identified Wakefield in a photo lineup; the mother of the Lake Nebagamon child positively identified him after viewing his Facebook photo. During an interview at the sheriff's office June 22, Wakefield claimed to be under the influence of drugs at the time and said he didn't really want to be interviewed.