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Wascott man sentenced for driving drunk

a Wascott man was sentenced to nearly a year in jail for fifth offense driving drunk.

Russell Joseph Neubauer, 33, pleaded no contest in Douglas County Circuit Court last week to a fifth offense of operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited alcohol concentration. He was sentenced to 315 days in jail; Huber work release was granted. He was also ordered to pay a $3,841 fine and his driver’s license was revoked for three years. He must also undergo a chemical dependency evaluation, maintain absolute sobriety, submit to random urinalysis and provide a DNA sample.

According to the criminal complaint: Neubauer was the driver of a vehicle clocked by a Superior Police officer as traveling about 80 miles per hour in a 45 MPH zone along East Second Street on Feb. 16. When the officer began to pursue the vehicle, he found it sitting sideways in the road, damaged. Witnesses stated it skidded out of control and rolled over.

A blood test showed Neubauer had an alcohol concentration of 0.199.