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Superior man arrested for shooting firearm while intoxicated

A town of Superior man has been arrested for allegedly shooting a firearm toward the Pattison Golf Course while intoxicated. Glen Larson, 56, faces a single count of operating a firearm while intoxicated, a class A misdemeanor, in Douglas County Circuit Court.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the area of the Pattison Golf Course on County Highway B in the Town of Superior on Sunday morning at about 11 a.m. for a report of an intoxicated male shooting firearms towards the golf course, according to a release from the sheriff's office. Upon arrival, they found spent .22 rounds and spent shotgun shells in the yard, as well as a pop can with holes in it near the end of the driveway. A shotgun was also found leaning up against the house near the back door.

Glen Larson, 56, was found in the garage with a similar type live shotgun shell in his shirt pocket, according to the release. He was in an obviously intoxicated state and readily admitted to shooting the gun as it was “his right to do so on the Fourth of July.”

Larson was arrested Sunday and the misdemeanor charge was filed Monday with the Douglas County Clerk of Courts. According to the sheriff’s office, Larson’s blood alcohol concentration at the time of arrest was .311.