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Poplar man charged in robbery, domestic abuse incident

Superior Telegram

A Poplar man accused of armed robbery and aggravated battery waived a preliminary hearing Wednesday in Douglas County Circuit Court

Nicholas Fredrick Krivinchuk, 25, is accused of being involved in a domestic dispute in which he struck a woman with the handle of a sickle inside her Maple home, and threatened to kill her son if the youth called police.

He is facing felony charges of armed robbery, domestic abuse aggravated battery and intimidation of a victim. He also faces misdemeanor charges of criminal damage to property and domestic abuse disorderly conduct stemming from the May 3 incident at a Pellman Loop residence. He remains in custody at the Douglas County Jail in lieu of $3,000 cash bail. His next court appearance is set for May 23.

According to the criminal complaint:

Krivinchuk went to the victim’s house in Maple on May 3 demanding money from her. He slammed the victim into a car and ran into the house seeking money. The two fought for about half an hour. The victim’s son grabbed a phone but Krivinchuk told the boy he would kill him if he called the cops. Then he held the boy down, took the phone and smashed it.

As the fight escalated, the son grabbed a sickle to protect his mother. Krivinchuk grabbed the sickle and hit the victim in the forehead with the handle of the implement. Krivinchuk then grabbed the victim’s wallet and car keys and fled in her car.

The victim was transported by ambulance to a Duluth hospital.

“There was a large laceration on the left side of her forehead that was approximately three inches in length, her skull was almost visible,” Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Casey Culhane wrote in his report.

According to the criminal complaint, the wound required more than a dozen stitches.

When Krivinchuk was located later that night at a different Maple residence, deputies reported he was covered in blood, incoherent and complained of having difficulty breathing. He also had a small puncture wound near the center of his back that was the size of a small pencil or .22-caliber bullet. He told deputies he was wounded when he fell on a tool during a fight with his brother. The victim’s wallet — full of cash — was found in her car.

Krivinchuk was transported by ambulance, then helicopter, to the hospital.