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Former Douglas County Tavern League president accused of pocketing funds

Superior Telegram

The former president of the Douglas County Tavern League is accused of stealing about $13,000 from the league’s SafeRide program. Daniel Dean Corbin, 55, of the town of Summit, made his initial appearance in Douglas County Circuit Court Thursday, May 8. He faces one felony count of theft. He was released on a $5,000 signature bond. A preliminary hearing is set for May 28.

According to the criminal complaint: Corbin served as president of the Douglas County Tavern League from 1984 to 2013. Shortly after Keith Kern was elected president, league treasurer Dan Patterson, approached him about possible discrepancies regarding the account used for the SafeRide program, which provides free rides home to tavern customers who may feel too impaired to drive. An internal audit of the deposits showed they decreased greatly starting in 2010. An audit showed about $13,000 worth of SafeRide vouchers were missing or unaccounted for. Corbin had already paid back about $8,000 at that point, but more than $5,000 of vouchers were still missing.

When questioned by Sgt. Corey Knutson with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Corbin said some of the money had been stolen from the bar by employees or through break-ins and some was used for personal expenses. He said that at some point Tavern League money and his personal money got mixed up and he intended to pay it back when he caught up. Corbin told Knutson that he had the money for a long time before he took any, and that poor business practices and employee thefts put him into the position he’s in.

If convicted, Corbin faces a maximum penalty of six years imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.