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Prison sentence stayed in heroin sales

Superior Telegram

A Solon Springs woman will spend one year in jail for delivering heroin.

Last week in Douglas County Circuit Court, Paige Lee Sikorski, 20, who lived in Superior when the drug sales took place, pleaded guilty to delivery of heroin and possession with intent to deliver heroin. Three additional counts of delivery of heroin were dismissed but read in for sentencing.

Sikorski was sentenced to four years of probation and one year in jail. She was also ordered to pay $460 restitution. If Sikorski does not successfully complete probation, she faces prison time. An eight-year sentence — four years in prison and four years extended supervision — was imposed and stayed.

According to the criminal complaint:

Superior police monitored four drug buys involving Sikorski in July, August and September. In each case, she provided heroin in exchange for cash. Sikorski was usually accompanied by a young child and she would place the bindles of heroin in other wrappers, like a fast food French fry carton or an empty cigarette pack, to give to the buyer.

When she was arrested, police found about $2,500 worth of heroin on her. Sikorski told Superior Police Investigator Paul Winterscheidt that she regularly sold heroin to about seven people and purchased between seven and 10 grams every month.