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3 TV shows to air episodes on Milwaukee clergy abuse scandal

Chuck Quirmbach, Wisconsin Public Radio

 The clergy abuse controversy in Milwaukee will be highlighted in three different international television programs over the next few weeks.

Milwaukee clergy abuse victim Monica Barrett was among those interviewed for tonight's “Frontline”/BBC episode titled “Secrets of the Vatican.” The show looks at the Catholic Church's handling of sex abuse by priests and other personnel. Barrett said she tried to tell “Frontline” about the decades-long legal fight between Milwaukee victims and the local archdiocese.

“I think everybody understands what a horrific crime sexual abuse of a child is,” said Barrett. “But I think it’s equally important to understand the effect when that abuse occurs by somebody that’s in a position of representing your religion.”

Barrett said she thinks Frontline asked the Archdiocese for an interview, but the church disputes that. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said “Secrets of the Vatican,” is “in large part, both sloppy and one-sided.”

Al Jazeera America and French television also plan to air programs on problems in the Catholic Church, including the clergy abuse controversy.

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