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Duluth drug bust originates with Superior, Douglas County

Superior Telegram

A search warrant that led to the seizure of 62 grams of meth in Duluth last week began in Superior.

Members of the Duluth and Superior police departments, and Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force executed the search warrant Friday at a residence in the 200 block of North 27th Avenue West in Duluth, according to a news release issued by the Duluth Police Department.

The search netted 62 grams of meth with a street value of up to $12,000. Other items, including a digital scale, $5,000 cash and baggies to package drugs also were found.

The renter, 31-year-old James Derek Myers, admitted to selling meth out of his residence, according to the release. At the time of this arrest, Myers was already on probation in St. Louis County for a previous conviction for selling methamphetamine and a felony domestic assault. He was arrested, brought to the St. Louis County Jail and has been formally charged with first-degree sale of methamphetamine.

Although the arrest took place in Duluth, the case was initiated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Superior Police Department Narcotics Unit, according to unit leader Sgt. James Madden. Law enforcement from both states routinely share resources and information in the war on drugs.

“Narcotics trafficking in our region does not recognize geographical boundaries,” Madden said. “The St. Louis County/Duluth drug problems are also Douglas County/Superior drug problems.”

The case also shows that meth is still a problem in the area.

“With the law enforcement (and media) focus on the heroin epidemic, it is important to realize that methamphetamine use has not declined,” Madden said. “We continue to aggressively investigate those individuals and groups responsible for trafficking illegal drugs in our region.”