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Trial delayed for suspect in shooting outside Genesis Attachments

Juan Leonardo Padilla, 42, of Fort Mojave, Ariz., is facing first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the shooting that took place May 23 in the parking lot outside of Genesis Attachments.

According to the criminal complaint, Padilla had stated he wanted to kill Luukkonen after his fiancée broke off a relationship with Padilla. The vehicle Padilla was driving allegedly was seen casing the parking lot at Genesis for two days leading up to the shooting.

Luukkonen was a purchasing director for the Superior manufacturer. 

Evidence received by the defense late last week prompted the delay in the trial originally scheduled for May 5.

“We received some additional discovery from the state last week, particularly last Thursday, that we are simply required to address,” said Chief Public Defender J. Patrick O’Neill, Padilla’s attorney. It requires obtaining an expert. There are follow-up matters that have to be done and there is simply no way — in all fairness — that we can get that accomplished.”

The late arriving evidence includes telephone records the state requested and received last May; however, the analysis of those records was received last week, the defense attorney said. Those records show that a phone the state claims is associated with Padilla was used within Douglas County in the days leading up to and including the day of the shooting, O’Neill said. If the information is accurate, he said it could impact Padilla’s case and has to be addressed to provide an adequate defense.

“It is a late-breaking development, and it was not our intention to do anything that would cause a problem leading up to the trial date here,” said District Attorney Dan Blank. “The information is significant for either or both sides of the case.”

Blank said as soon as his office became aware of the information, it was turned over to O’Neill.

“We can’t argue against the defense’s need to examine and consult on the information,” Blank said.

O’Neill suggested rescheduling the trial for one of the last two weeks in August.

Douglas County Circuit Court Judge George Glonek on Tuesday rescheduled the trial for week of Aug. 18. A pretrial conference is scheduled for Aug. 4, with motions in the case to be heard May 6.